Monday, March 5, 2012

Hope Chest Makeover

Before my husband and I were married, I was given this hope chest by a very dear friend. It was moved around here and there until we got married, and it kept many different keepsakes. I didnt paint or sand and restain it, because it matched our bedroom furniture. 

Then when I made curtains for our room, I took an old body pillow and covered it like a pillowcase with the curtain material i was using so that it became a seat as well. 

(this is the only before picture I found on the fly)

I have since taken down those curtains, and we are getting ready to paint our bedroom furniture black, so I thought that the hope chest would be a great way to begin it. (This was also done a few months back).

First, we used the deglosser that we had used for this project for the details of the chest. We sanded the top of the chest with the sander, and then sprayed it with a can of paint we bought in the "as is" section using the paint sprayer. 

For the seat, I recovered the previous seat cushion (the old body pillow) with some fabric I picked up very cheap (and I had enough to make a throw pillow for the bed!), and then we stapled it onto a piece of wood the width and length of the top of the chest. After we made our "seat" we screwed it into the lid of the chest from the inside. 

I added new handles for the bottom drawer as well. These are the same finish I picked out for the rest of the furniture in our bedroom and will help tie it all together.

I am excited to complete our bedroom furniture! 

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Diana Waite said...

WOW this turned out STUNNINGLY!

................... said...

cute I love this chest!

lee woo said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice, what color is this?


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