Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Digital or Paper Scrapbooking?

This is a question I have been asked a lot, and I see a lot.

For me, I totally prefer paper scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is therapy to me. Using my hands and getting into it. Feeling it all, being able to freely rearrange, and work on it, and not be limited to what I can do or know how or google on techniques. Having that finished work right there in my hands and being able to put it up to see or neatly in the book. This is a page I did at my moms last week just using stuff she had.

I do both! Sometimes, I do digital. For one thing, after the costs of the computer, and the software(s) and elements and papers (but you can get so much of this for free!) it is cheaper. Its less of a mess (a LOT less of a mess) to clean up, and you can get it printed into whatever size you want. I started a digital scrapbook before Jaden turned 1. I was trying to keep up with printing the pages so that I never lost them if they were stored on the computer. I also do some digital cards now. I find that doing the cards are a lot better than dragging all of the stuff out only to have to clean it all up. and I can quit during it if the boys wake up from a nap. And sometimes I see a technique in a magazine or something and want to try it so I do a page.
One word of advice though, always save your work as you complete steps. You dont know how many times I have done a page and lost all my work because I didnt save as I went.

Here is the first page I ever did. And digital scrapbooking has come a LONG LONG way...more than I am capable of doing at the time. Sometimes its hard to even tell if its digital or paper! This is obviously digital.

But you know what is really fun? To mix it! I like doing this because it gives it more elements to the page.

So they might not be the greatest examples to use, but there ya have it! Never limit yourself to one or the other, thats part of the fun! Always be willing to try new things, you'll never know what you will like or learn until you do!
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Swasey family said...

I ALWAYS scrapbooked, and since the the boys came along I have done just a few pages, and I have a million of pics.I wanna try the digital, what web site do you use?

Rebecca said...

Just starting out in digital, I totally recommend Shabby Princess kits...they are free! That way you can play around with it all before you buy anything, and she has a lot of kits too! She has been around for a few years now so her first kits are a lot different than the ones that are out now. But if you download more than one of them, you can mix them up too!


Let me know if you need other sites or help! :)

Rebecca said...

check out her blog too for the free monthly desktops!


Sarah said...

Excellent, yay for digiscrapping! (Ok, I just bought PSE 6 :p)


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