Friday, April 25, 2008

Total whine alert.

I am going to whine here because as Mommy, I can't do it too much at home, so here goes....

I am soooo sick :(

Shoot. That didn't make me feel any better.

So I still have the fever, the body aches and pain (the worst part), the headache and the cold/cough but now I also have the stomach flu that JJ had (or hopefully I DID and thats over). And I think both of the boys have the body aches and pains but not the fever because all they did today was lay with me and cry every once in awhile if someone was touching them or not getting their way. Pretty pathetic huh? (I wont say that I was crying with them.....not really....ok maybe once)

Lets hope that Micah doesnt get this! Because if he does... 1. i will no longer be allowed to be sick (which at this point doesnt seem like thats possible) and 2. he has one more day of work tomorrow and then church sunday, lesson planning and church tuesday. not good.

Right now he is at cosmic bowling with the youth (lucky! stomps feet). He will get home around(hopefully as early as) 1 and then get up for work at 4:45 am.

The boys are both in bed very peacefully *yay for mama tonight!* and although in between writhing around and crying, they slept a lot today, they were very grateful to get tucked in.

And now I will go to bed too. Too bad I dont have a good movie to watch, sleep is not coming too easily for me right now (although I am trying to super hard!!)

So lets pray for a better night than last night (waking up about every 15-30 minutes and struggling to fall back asleep due to my own fever and body issues and my husbands snoring, which in almost 5 years i have never heard so bad as last night. he couldnt even fake what he was doing. jaden getting up from about 3 until 4:30? and a whopping two solid hours of sleep from 530-730 that i prayed so hard for, thank you God!) Pin It

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