Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today is rough for our family of four. Jaden is recovering from a mysterious fever he had for a few days, I now have this horrible flu with fever, head and body aches, sore throat and chest stuff, Micah is having car issues and is fixing it at work as I type this, and Jackson has the worst of it all....the stomach flu (after getting over HIS fever this weekend). I believe he has now thrown up 6 times today. At lunch, he SMELLED food and threw up. My poor baby.

But right now, I have a little down time, so I thought I would write about randomness.

A little background on this train of thought I am about to babble on about.

Since I was 6 years old and recieved my first camera as a gift from my new baby sister's birth, I have been in love with taking pictures. My first camera had the cassette film and the attached flash that only had a specific number of times it could be used, where you had to wind up the film to process it...and then wait forever to get your film back only to see they are all black or crooked or there is a thumb in the picture.

I was always the girl with the camera at all the birthday parties I went to, the hking trips I was dragged on, the vacations, the youth camps and events and of course just random school snap shots. I loved taking pictures.

I have gone from the little flat camera to multiple types...a bright orange one, a couple of black ones * all 35 mm film of digital?

When I was 18, my mom gave me a 35 mm slr camera with all of the lenses a girl could ever dream of. Of course I had no clue what I was doing (yet!) but I was on love. Then, like an IDIOT 18 year old careless girl that I was, I left it overnight in my boyfriend's car that was in our driveway and some jerk broke in his car, left all the cases for the lenses and the bag but took everything else. I was heart broken and STILL kick myself about that stupid mistake. Of course I never got it back either.

Then I got my first digital camera, then another, and my first born son was born. I had no clue what I was doing except for the fact that I knew how to point and shoot, use the flash and upload them. Wow, what a missed opportunity, but I do have a lot of pictures. Then I got another camera and my second son was born and I was starting to figure some things out with pictures. Over the summer, I officially decided I needed a better camera and recieved one for my birthay.... my first "prosumer camera". In the last 9 months or so, I have learned so being I have so much more to learn! There is so much that goes into getting a good shot. Aperture, composition, so much that I want to increase my knowledge in!

Now I have my first SLR...being very cheap. I scrimped as much as I could and had my first "job" this month, which helped to pay for it and have just a little amount left. We are in no way able to just go and make a purchase like that, but the oportunity from that job made it possible and it didnt hurt us in any way. I didnt run out and do this on a whim and I did this for one make a profit off of something I love and kind of think I have a bit of a talent for, an eye for? (Sorry if that sounds kind of full of myself, how else do you word that?) Now that I have this new camera, there is SO much more to learn about! I hope to take a noncredit class or two in the near future and learn learn learn! I have also learned that you can get GREAT pictures no matter what the camera is, and that it is more of the photographer that factors in than anything else.

Soo....all of that to say, I hope to be able to make this into a career. Its probably more of a dream, but my goal is to do maternity, baby, children, family, and engagement portraits. NOT weddings! Weddings are too stressful, and there is too much riding on the photographer. Once you take the fun out of it (and adding stress), its no longer worth it.

And thats about it in a nutshell. Those are my thoughts of the day. :)

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