Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Meliss!

Happy Birthday to my sista in law, Melissa! Her birthday was yesterday and tonight the family all got together at their house to celebrate!

.....Too bad the sick ones were trapped in their home, missing out on the fun. :(

Micah did make me relax today and he made dinner and cleaned up, so I did the design team pages that are due next week. Unfortunately, my medicine that kept the creative juices flowing has now wore off and I need to take more, but thankfully, Jackson didnt throw up his jello at dinner! Lets cross our fingers that it stays that jello+ sick mommy+ sick baby= scared mommy & scared carpets!

Anyway, here are the pages.

The first one was a page I did just using the products given to me. I dont know how these need any extra push in selling, its beautiful paper and the sticker letters are fun, and I LOVE blank chipboard (the centers of the circles that i made into peace signs)! (I added the blingage, ribbons, c/s, chipboard flowers and paint, along with the scalloped edges made by a random fun fun!!)

The second was products used by three of the design team members all doing our own page. I can not wait to see what the other two fabulous ladies did! (and I want to know who did them too!! :)) The bird was a plain white bird so she HAD to get some glitter and blingage! I handstitched the swirly flourishes by eyeballing and added some polka dots randomly here and there to tie in the polka dot paper. The products given to us were the paper, the bird, the pinkish orange ribbon, and the scalloped paper accents (or journalling circles)

I am very pleased with them this month!

Signing off to take some medicine and go to bed.

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