Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chalk Cloth into Art Bag

I made this little kit for the boys during church. One side of the bag is a "chalkboard", one side is a crayon holder (still need to add the snaps and applique a "T" on it", and inside holds a drawing pad and a pocket for markers. Theres a chalk holder that is tied onto the bag, and a cloth to wipe the chalkboard off too. My back has been hurting, so I wasnt able to put a ton of attention towards it, but I think its going to work fine for the boys!

I love this chalk cloth. I am going to make some tags up and maybe a placemat. Definitely the tags though. I only bought a fat quarter, so I want to stretch it as far as it will go!

Crayon Side


Chalk Side





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Swasey family said...

what a sweet idea!You gonna try and sell some, I think I may be interested!

Melissa said...

That is a super cute idea Rebecca! :) The boys are gonna love that!


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