Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Tree, Little Tree

This week as I am getting ready for the upcoming boutique on Saturday, I was trying to think of a way to display the necklaces I have been working on. So today, my husband and I trekked to Home Depot to see what we could make.

 It first started out that we were going to do an easel type board that I would decorate and put hooks on.  Well. Home Depot just didnt have the right type of wood at the right price, and honestly, I wasn't feeling the easel board.

Then we went over to Lowe's, which I always like to go to a lot more. We looked at their wood and found something but I still wasn't feeling it.I kept mentioning doing a tree and he would just kind of ignore it.

I went over to the dowels to pick out little pegs instead of hooks and our brains kicked into gear and together we came up with this:

 I probably still will decorate it, but I have a lot of fun ideas for it in the future too!
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Michelle Devine said...

what boutique?

The Fisk Family said...

Oh, it's VERY cute - good teamwork!

kim hesson said...

cute tree rebecca! there are so many cute things you could do with it! good luck at the boutique! your stuff is cute!


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