Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glass Etching

Every night when our kids fall asleep, my husband and I get a nice beverage and hang out together. Call it our date time, but we really look forward to bedtime. We usually stay up way too late as well. Our 7th anniversary is coming up, and I think its a good sign that it feels like I get to have a sleepover every night with my best friend! :)

Part of our weirdness is having cool cups to drink from. We used to have these neat mugs from Disneyland, but his broke, so now we only have 1. Our favorite cups are glass mugs we got at my bridal shower. We usually do milk and cookies with those. And when we want a big drink, we have these weird ironman slurpee cups that the boys get a kick out of.

Yes, we might be strange, but its just one of our things we do!

Recently, I discovered some nice heavy glass mugs at the dollar store. I thought it would be neat to glass etch something on them to personalize them for us!

I used contact paper, my cutter and glass etching cream and did this:

Since I had everything but the mugs on hand, it only cost me two dollars! I think it would be neat to do a whole set and each one different, so that if you had a gathering, everyone would know which cup was theirs!

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1 comment:

Heather - said...

By "cutter" do you mean like a cricut?

They look awesome. I love the slogans you used! :)


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