Friday, July 9, 2010

Waldorf Dolls Tutorials, Anyone?

I just love the Waldorf dolls out there right now. And the 16 inch size just seems perfect for little ones! Its so sweet how big they are and how you can get them in any style and match clothes and whatnot!

I think they are so neat, but since they are handmade they are SO pricey. So I want to make one for Ellie for her main birthday gift and am looking for any tutorials or advice people have! For example, should I get a kit with everything together? Or try to find everything separately? I will only be making 1, so maybe a kit would be the way to go?

I have found a few things about them online and I also have 6 months to make it, but I'll take anything anyone has to offer on it! :)

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devonaz said...

Rebecca I found this,,hope it helps..


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