Thursday, July 15, 2010

wet bags

Since cloth diapering our baby, I have learned how valuable it is to have wet bags around. Wet bags are great because you can put wet things in the bag and they keep the moisture and the stink inside of the bag. These are perfect for swimming suits too after getting out of the pool!

I have a large one and a small one, and I use them all of the time, but always have a hard time on laundry days because when they are being washed, I don't have anywhere to put the dirty diapers. I spent a lot of money on them, and just couldn't justify buying two more.

Recently, I learned that Jo-Ann now sells PUL. Score! With a 40 or 50% off coupon, it makes it only 5-6 dollars and yard, and if you have a local one, that saves on shipping!

Today I bought 1.25 yard of pul and made 2 more with enough to make another small one. With the zipper and the toggle for the drawstring, it only cost me 12 dollars. Wow! I also didn't have to wait for it to be shipped to me,  bought it this morning and had made both super quickly.

Here are the ones I had purchased when Ellie was born: 

Here's the ones I made today:

I followed the exact same way the other ones were sewn, and even though I didnt lay them out flat for the picture, they are both the same construction. The large is a drawstring and the small is a zipper.

I know these will be great for other things long after she is out of diapers. I think I have been on a bag making kick, because I have also been making drawstring bags for the boys' toys around here. Its so nice to organize the randomness of their toys.Have you seen the cute peek a boo toy sack tutorial? I haven't made them yet, but its such a cute idea!

Happy Thursday!

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