Friday, July 30, 2010

Patching up those jeans

Hi there!

I have to say, although I still sew, create and have fun, I haven't really been blogging about them. Sometimes it seems silly to blog what I have done, especially if you can see it somewhere else! Time is precious, and although it doesn't really take a lot of time to do a blog post, its honestly hard to keep up with that and everything else in life. If I have an extra few minutes while nursing or whatever, I tend to post on our family blog.

I did want to share these patched jeans that I did today, because

1. they are a boy's project (even though you can do this with anyone's jeans)

2. i saw this idea for the monster jeans and wanted to post it here too!

(The monster in peeking from another background color because the fabric I used had printed circles on it already, which made it easy to just cut a square out and have the monster peek out!)

Jaden loves both of them, and we saved the jeans from impending doom and he will have some play jeans to be rough and tumble in!

I did reinforce them with knee patches in the inside of the jeans and then did a tight zig zag for both types of patches on the outside of knees. Hopefully this will help them hold up better. Hmm, my husband has a few pairs that need mending. I wonder if he would mind funky fun little things sewn on his jeans too?

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1 comment:

nancy said...

hi becks! love your patches. when my boys were little and had holes in their knees (usually just one leg for some reason) i would take off one of their back pockets and sew in on the knee. this worked great while they were little!
as your creations!! your little girl is adorable!


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