Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY Car DVD Player Holder

If you don't have a built in DVD player in your car but need something for roadtrips, check out this handy dandy system my husband did for us!

He took a scrap piece of wood and drilled holes in it for the headrests to go through, and we keep it in the middle of the car for all of the kids to see.  Also, cut off the corners so that there's no sharp edges if there's an accident.

Then he added two more holes for the cords to go through. We have a power inverter for the plug and we have a stereo cord for the sound to play through the speakers in the car.

That is also an industrial strength piece of velcro. We put one on the board and one on the dvd player to hold it in place. 

Please excuse our messy real view. All seats in the back are able to watch it! Makes a 25 hour car trip totally possible!

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1 comment:

Alea said...

Awesome idea!! Whenever we go on road trips and use the DVD player, I'm always having to re-center it 5 million times due to turns and bumps!


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