Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Got Ski? (soda)

Recently my husband was reading an article about a bottling company that he thought was in St Louis (where we are visiting some of my family), but as he read it, he learned that it is actually  in a very small town that some of my family is from.

If you read the article, you will see that the bottles have been in use since the 60's! It's so neat because you can go to the Excel Bottling Company and pick up a case for yourself at the side of the building in any combination of flavors that they sell for 18.00. You get 24 bottles and if you bring the bottles back, you get 10.00 back, or you can refill them for 8.00

We went and picked up a case. Some of the dates on the bottles read '68 and '69. They were sold out of root beer (their most popular flavor) but we got a whole assortment of other kinds, including Ski.

I thought the case was the best part.

Just a really cool story of reusing materials. 

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