Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bow Ties!

Has anyone been hanging out here or here this month? I have been so inspired from these two blogs this month for my boys!

I saw a blog post about bow ties and just had to buy the pattern. (Which is very rare for me, but I couldn't resist!)

Here's my two guys modeling their ties...which they loved wearing. I think the best part was I actually learned how to legitimately tie a bow tie! (I made three during naptime yesterday...twenty minutes a piece)

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Mellissa said...

These are GREAT! Cute little guys you have!

devonaz said...

Those are to cute,,,

Melissa Tresler said...

Good job! They look adorable! I have been loving the great ideas on those two sites!

Julie said...

Those boys are too handsome! The bow ties are cute too!


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