Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little birdie dress

So the other day I had the itch to create something. I had a dress pattern here I bought a long time ago and had never tried, and not feeling too creative, I went with it. 

This girl doesn't do patterns well. I dont have the patience for them. To me, they are just a confusing mess of nonsense. Something about followinf directions.

So after having to call my mom for help over the phone, and more time wasted than it was worth, I ended up just doing my own thing.

For the bird "applique", I cheated and cut the bird out and sewed it on using the button hole stitch on my sewing machine. 

I made a matching burp cloth and headband with it too :)

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1 comment:

nancy said...

what a lucky baby girlie to have such a creative mommy. you are STILL amazing! =) miss seeing you and my other devine friends.


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