Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fabric Flower Clips

The other night I needed a hair accessory to spruce up a shirt I was wearing so I decided to make some flower clips. 

I used:

hot glue
hair clips
stretchy lace

To make, I just freehanded a bunch of sizes of five petal styled flowers, layered with tulle scraps. For the centers, I added some pearls from an old necklace that I was never going to wear again. Hot glue each letter and attach to a clip.

I made one and decided it needed to be a headband, so I tied a piece of stretchy lace around my head, and then attached the clip to the headband. I added  two more flower clips from there. That way, everything is interchangable and not permanent!

The whole time I did this, my sweet baby girl was sleeping next to me, and so I decided she needed one too and did the same process. 

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