Friday, February 12, 2010

Closet Lock for Mirrored Doors

I love my boys, just not their messes. 

It was getting to be out of control. Especially when the 2 1/2 year old decided that each day he needed to dress himself about 6 times, resulting in clothes everywhere; hamper filling, on the floor,  in the closet, etc. The toys would all be taken out every day and tossed about. It was chaos. I was threatening to move everything out of the bedroom.

I kept saying "If only we could lock the closet!"

So my brilliant husband came up with a solution. All for 3 dollars at Lowe's.

Suction cup hook on the door! 

Brilliant. And plus, if they want a specific toy that may be in the closet, they can ask for it (like all the toys that involve a million pieces) and it has decreased my laundry by a lot.

Ah, the little things in life.

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1 comment:

The Fisk Family said...

Good idea! I am having this SAME problem right now with clothes & toys in the closet. Problem is that we don't have mirrors so not sure the suction cup would work out :(


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