Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Essential Oils

Last summer, I had told my sister in law, Shannon that I needed a mood booster after having Jackson and just having a bit of baby blues. Being the fabulous person she is, she introduced me to the world of essential oils. I started with Lavender and Lemon grass and bought a warmer and went to town!

I would eventually like to only use candles with lead free wicks, but for now am using up what I have here in the house. I bought these bottles from her last summer and am still using them.

Here is some info on warming essential oils I found from a website:

  • The type of burner, vaporizer or diffuser used, size of room, age of the inhabitants of the room as well as the type of oil used will help determine the amount of essential oil to be used.

  • A whole range of pottery and electric burners are available but it should be kept in mind that the oil should be floated on water to prevent it from burning.

  • On porcelain light-bulb rings, you may not need to dilute the oil at all, but you might want to float it on water when using a metal light-bulb ring to prevent burning. In this case you will first add a small amount of water to the metal ring and then drop the essential oils on top of the water.

  • When using these porcelain or metal rings, you may also need to look at the strength of the globe on which you rest it, since a very strong light will be far warmer than a weaker one.

  • Should you be using these rings, ensure that the light-bulb is cool when placing the ring on it, and make sure never to drop any essential oil directly onto the light bulb.

  • If you are using a bowl of water on a heated surface, you would add approximately 6 drops of essential oil to the water - depending on the size of the room, as well as the type of oil used. this is how i do mine

  • Diffusers using tea candles underneath are generally not too hot, and most of the time the oil is placed on crystals to help diffuse the fragrance, or can also have top sections that can hold water into which the oil is dropped.

  • Diffusers using candles must be used with due care to prevent fires - and remember - essential oils are volatile and flammable.

  • Most modern humidifiers have a place in which to pour some essential oils - but remember that it can not be added to the water in the reservoir of the humidifier, as it would stop the humidifier working, and can also create a hazard.

  • If you wish to use essential oils in a nebulizer please contact the manufacturer for the instructions, since some essential oils should not be used in these medical instruments.

I would also like to add that Essential Oils have so many other uses besides aromatherapy. You can use them in handmade soaps, cleaning, bath, massage, compresses, room fresheners and odor eliminators, etc. So many uses!

I also want to point something else out that I found in my researches. Lavendar, Tea Tree and Chamomile are harmless with children. Lemongrass (like what I have) is too strong to use on children's skin but is ok to warm. But always keep all essential oils out of reach.

There is so much to know about essentials oils, and I will be doing a lot more research on this great subject as I learn and try new things. I'll keep things updated!

My sister in law, Melissa gave me this link after I was talking to her about essential oils today and they have quite a selection of essential oils. Check it out!

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