Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vinyl Schtuff

Remember the vinyl I was talking about last week? We decided on the verse we wanted and I bought the vinyl for the wall and did it Thursday night. As for the door, well ,the order never came and when I checked on it, it had just sent yesterday. That irritated me. SO my mom helped me make one today and I can figure something out with the one that will come in the mail. Maybe I can sell it again or something, I dont know.
ANYWAY, here they are! Not bad considered I had to hand paint the hall way quote last summer and I did some lettering in our bedroom (which I will eventually post pictures of when "Home with the Treslers" continues :)) Vinyl is a new addiction. I plan on doing a whole bunch more. Something in the kitchen and the boys bathroom for sure. Maybe the utility room and something for the both boys rooms. Overboard? Perhaps.

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Melissa said...

Wow! That looks great! I tell ya, you can do ANYTHING! I have been meaning to get some vinyl quotes and such for a few of my walls! Just another thing I have procrastinated ...haha, I'm bad. :)

Chris said...

I love the Welcome! Your house is so special.


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