Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lovin' the Rain

I wish it would rain more here. I know I live in a desert though, so thats not really possible. Maybe we could move to a place where it rained more, wait, we did that and it definitely wasn't my desert guy's cup of tea.
The plants have been enjoying the rain as much as I have. Cloudy days just don't get me down. I take after my grandfather with that. He used to be so happy on a cloudy day!
I think I have said before that we started out our garden as a container garden. For one thing, the soil is HORRIBLE for gardening, and I didnt feel like all that hard work would be worth it when I am just starting out gardening, and I know from past experience that one thing I did not inherit was my grandfather's green thumb. Its small right now, but as it grows, we keep thinking about doing a whole different garden on the side of the house. Micah built a little mister system for it now for the time being and its working pretty well!

Jaden's pumpkin plant is browing a bit, I don't know why yet though, but I better figure it out before it takes a turn for the worst. He would not be a happy boy! Anyone have any ideas on this?

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