Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Living Room

This weekend, I finally got motivated to paint an accent wall in our living room. I have talked about it for months and have had the swatch picked out since January. It really did not take me long to do at all. I did it all myself too! Micah took the speakers off the wall and helped tape the tall spots but other than that, I did it. I was pretty proud of myself because usually he is the painter...although I did paint Jackson's room and did the decorating paint in Jaden's room.

The mirror frames had to be repainted because it blended with the new wall color but now its all neutrals like the squares rug, so it works well.

Anyway. I also made a new wall art piece with a plaque I got for Mother's Day. Micah was so sweet when he gave it to me, he told me he thought it would be neat if I did a photo collage with it. How about that, he is thinking like I do!

Micah did the wood part with the frame, and then I decorated it. He even hung it already!

I'll give ya a little tour of the rest of the room too.... minus one wall because, well I just didnt take a picture of it. I forgot. :)

We used to have a coffee table that matched our shelves. The problem was, the corners were so dangerous, it freaked me out with the boys around it. I also wanted extra seating and storage. For a couple of years, I looked for something that could fulfill this, but it was always too small or too expensive. Finally I got my brain together and realized that Micah and my father in law could totally build one! My father in law used to upholster cars and they are both super handy.

It turned out better than I could have imagined, and they even matched the seams to the couches and I matched the material to the recliner. We all love it and its so functional.

If you look closely, there is a painting of Jesus by the slider door. I am planning on putting a scripture underneath it as soon as i can find the vinyl for it. I did order a vinyl "welcome" for our front door than should come in this week, and then was like "ya know, I could have made that myself". Oh well. Now I know for the scripture.

Its also kind of hard to see, but I made the cornices too. I should have taken a better picture. There are three, one for each window in the room.

I know I have posted this stuff before, but I thought I would add it on since its part of the room. These shelves hang above the tv.

Our "T"

Stuff on top of the entertainment rack thingy. Yeah, I dont care what its called. It does its job.

Stay tuned for more of "Home with the Treslers" :) Pin It

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Chris said...

I love your colors! I love your stool thingy in place of a coffee table! I love everything. I am so jealous of your house. You are such a wonderful decorator/creator!

Uggghh, I want my house to be as spiffy and comfy looking as yours. Someday!

Post more pictures of the house, I really enjoy them!


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