Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home Made Paper

Supplies Needed:

  • Old bowl
  • Old blender
  • Wisk
  • 3 cups HOT water
  • Wire for the frame *I used an old wire hanger
  • 1 cup of Shredded paper (recycled or not)
  • old panty hose
  • Anything extra you might want to add (buffalo snow is the purple bag) like gold specs, threads, glitter, etc

Start by making the frame with the old hanger and pantyhose. I just bent mine into a square and slipped the pantyhose over it. It was a little tight this way but it worked perfect.

Now get ready to mix it up! Pour the 1 cup of shredded paper and 3 cups of HOT water into the bowl

Stir in and let set for 5 minutes

Once it has set enough to soften, pour into a blender. I pureed it. To the point where it was pure liquid. This step is up to you how much you want it blended.

Place frame on top of the sink, or a baking dish or tupperware type container....anything to catch the water that will filter through. I did the storage container and it was the perfect size to rest the frame on top of so that I can press the water out of the pulp. I used my hands and a towel.

Now here you can either use your heat gun to dry it or sun dry it. It was a hot day when I did this, so I took it out and didnt waste time or electricity on it. It only took a couple of hours

Then, tada! Home Made Paper!!

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Amanda said...

That's so neat Becks!!! I love it! What did you end up doing with the paper???

Rebecca said...

Thanks amanda! it is still sitting here waiting to be used. I think I might scrapbook with it because i did use scrapbook paper scraps so its acid free still :)


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