Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monster Truck Shirt

Jaden will be 3 on Friday and Sunday we are having a small family party. Because his little brother had such a big first birthday party (like he did), Jaden expects to have everything this same for HIS birthday. So we went to the store yesterday to buy monster truck plates and napkins and what have you and of course they didnt have any. Had he made up his mind on the theme a little earlier, we could have ordered them but last minute it didnt work out local. Thats ok though, we went with the stand by solid colors :) He wants a monster truck party so bad and loves "grave digger" (yeah I am learning more and more about things I did not even know existed until I had boys) so the colors will be green and black.

Last night I made him a shirt to wear for the party, and he loves it! I have to say, I think its pretty cool too!
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1 comment:

Melissa said...

That is such a rockin' birthday t-shirt! It looks just like the monster truck! You go mama!


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