Monday, September 29, 2008

Camera Drama.

We are supposed to be going to California this weekend.

I still do not have my camera back from Canon.

I am getting a little concerned about this, so I called Canon to see what could be done to make sure that I received it back by this Friday.

Well, even though I told her my sob story and that the trip has been planned for awhile, asked what I could pay to get it back on my FREE warranty repair, and that I already spent a lot of $ to get the camera to them fast and safely (didnt say that part), she told me all she could do was put a note on it and its up to the camera technician. Really? Really, Lakisha? Then she tells me that they are even closed on Thursdays. Not helping my confidence here!

So then I emailed them and they basically told me that they can not help me at all because nothing is done on their end with this and then told me the same thing I had researched before I started this endeavor this morning.

Killer part? The camera is in the SAME TOWN that we will be in!!

So. There you have it. Sniff.

I miss you Camera. Pin It


Danibee said...

Ouchie. I feel your pain. Here's to hoping your Camera will come home safe and sound... and FAST!

Diana said...

I say go bang on their door when your in the town! :) I am missing your camera for it the rebel?

Michelle Devine said...

Ill keep my fingers crossed for you. It has been too long already.

kim hesson said...

sorry to hear about your camera! i would be sad without mine and probably go thru withdrawls! we'll be in cali as well! looking forward to the weather!

Amy O said...

I'm sorry about your camera, and its not funny, really... but the way you tell the story is freakin' hilarious!

IF, heaven forbid, you don't get your camera back in time... don't stress it! Enjoy the weather and your family and resort to using an old point and shoot!

Shannon said...

you're going to miss my birthday??


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