Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life is Peachy!

So far this has been an exciting weekend!

Yesterday I helped out and attended my very first CK Convention in Phoenix. I will post those pictures probably tomorrow. What a fun experience! Michelle taught some great classes and I believe if you missed them, she will have the kits for sale at Just Devine.

Then this morning, I got up at 6:30 and picked up a bountiful baskets order. I didn't get the produce basket this time, but I did pick up a special order.....

34 lbs of peaches,

25 lbs of tomatoes, and .....

the mexi- pack:

for 35 dollars. The way I saw it was, a dollar a pound for the peaches and everything else was free! (and peaches were 2 dollars a pound this morning at Albertson's)

SO I will be attempting my hand at canning on Monday! I am going to try to make a tutorial of it as I go along, and if it doesn't turn out, I can make it a "Here's What NOT to Do" Haha :)

And let me share a quick story. The produce was HEAVY. And it was crowded. I had to park far away and I did not have a stroller with me. So here I am: juggling all of this food, Jackson on my hip and Jaden by my side. I waited in a huge line to check out and kind of panicked in my head the whole time how I was going to manage this. All of a sudden, a man steps out of this long line he had been waiting in and had almost made it to the front, and took my produce and carried it ALL the way to my car and loaded it in my trunk. Just like that. No asking, no agenda. He told me he kept waiting to see if someone else was there to help me and felt like he needed to help. That one act of kindness broke me down. It made me so emotional when I got in the car that someone actually went out of their way to help me like that. I didn't even get help from firefighters when my hands were full, I was carrying a newborn in his infant seat and I dropped my whole lunch and drink in the parking lot at chipotle. They walked right past me, pretty much stepping over the mess. Wow. You better believe I thanked God for that help this morning!!

Tomorrow I am hosting my very first tea here at the house for about 20 women, so I will be busy cooking for that today. Happy Weekend Everyone! Pin It


Diana said...

what a great story, that sure warms my heart! Great job on the deals! Peaches are so yummy! If you have enough make sure you make yourself some jam! To die for!!

devonaz said...

What a load of goodies you got,,and thank God there are still nice people in the world..I am jealous of your tea,,what are you serving for tea and food,,,and take plenty of pictures...good luck,,

sherry said...

Your produce looks yummy. Peach jam, peach pie, peach cobbler sound pretty good too:) Good luck canning.
Looking forward to hearing about your tea and seeing pics. Sounds like fun day


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