Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 18 months Jackson!

Yesterday when I woke up, if you had asked me if I planned on cutting Jackson's hair off, I would have laughed at the possibility. But something in me decided on a whim to go for it yesterday afternoon. Micah and I had talked about it off and on all week, and after really looking at him yesterday, I knew it was time.

18 months, with a full head of hair and having had gotten it trimmed already this summer and growing back so fast, we just though it was time.

Here's a before shot. He has peach jam on his mouth (which turned out so yummy!)

And after: (By the way, I am feeling so lost without my camera. Sigh.)

Look at those baby blues! Who is this kid?!

Snuck one in with me :)

Jaden keeps saying, "My best friend! Your hair! You look so cute!"

Hahahahaha, sorry, I had to add this one. Classic Jackson.

My mother in law gave me this pewter box awhile back for when I cut his hair. It says baby's first curl on the lid. I keep looking inside at his precious hair. Is that weird?

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Danibee said...

Aaw.. he looks adoreable!

Michelle Devine said...

He does look older. But still adorable.

Rachael said...

Aww. You know, I thought I would be sad seeing his locks gone... But, he is adorable, and so handsome with his new 'do. :) Too sweet.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great! He is a cutie pie.

devonaz said...

Wow what a difference,,he looks adorable,,

Tawn said...

This kid looks soo adorable no matter what!


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