Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I cut off my hair!

I have been talking about it for awhile now, and on a whim today, I took the plunge!

I was anxious to see how the boys reacted. Jackson loves to hug my neck with hands and he got a kick out of doing that without hair there He kept smiling at me really goofy. Jaden was afraid of me, and got really shy and wouldn't come close. I would have expected the opposite reactions!

I am anxious to style it myself and see all the fun new ways to it. It was time for a change. It is so much lighter and cooler now! This is how I used to keep my hair a few years ago, so it seems familiar.

Thank you again, Ginger! Pin It


Michelle Devine said...

OHHH! Its so cute. I love it

Julie said...

Love the new do! I'm still waiting for mine to grow! :(

Danibee said...

Too cute! It really suits you and it should be so much easier to care for! How does hubby like it?

LucieP said...

oh I am proud of you for taking the leap!
I have been thinking about doing the same for mine but I'm a scaredy cat!


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