Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy Busy!

..for Bliss fest! I think I am all set for Saturday!

I will be selling a whole assortment of stuff! If I list it, it seems like a lot, but my attention span is short, so theres not much of each (sad and true.)

I took pictures of everything but I am not showing it just yet! :) Come on out and see whats going on!

I did take a picture of today's mess. Yes, today's. I have been cleaning each day as I go. Right now there is a huge sewing mess that is in place of this picture. I wish I could vacuum but the boys are sleeping.

Here is half the room(=half the mess)... I spread out as I work and then move when my workspace is full... and I am a floor worker. tables fill up too fast for me.

...chaos. that's how I roll, baby.

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Michelle Devine said...

hahahah. Thats is hilarious! I love it. Cant wait til Saturday. Busy busy! But it will be fun

Tina Wishart said...

You are too funny. I could send a similar photo to you. haha Have a great time on Saturday.


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