Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday's Miscellaneous Madness

First off, I heard back from the police and am excited that this house from Saturday will be now watched. Thanks Gilbert PD!

Lets see, this will be a week! Just jotting down my agenda and thoughts for my own sanity.

Today, I have lots of errands to do. I will also finally be sealing our kitchen table...a little nervous about it!

Tomorrow we are driving up to Flagstaff to see the leaves change. With no real Fall in Phoenix, we have done this every year since Micah and I started dating. Its a fun tradition that I love sharing with the boys now!

Wednesday we are doing a lot of much needed yard work. Winterizing the backyard, digging up the garden and starting a new one, and just catching up on things needing to be done outside. Let's hope this hot weather backs off!

Thursday will be a inside catch up day with laundry, house cleaning, and I am realllllly needing to go through all the closets and get stuff out for Goodwill. It is way overdue. We have also lost Jaden's clothes that Jackson should be growing into and Ireally dont want to have to buy some, so hopefully those will appear at some point. We have looked everywhere for those blasted clothes! How do you lose those?!

Friday, we are doing our annual Schnepf's Farm visit. Every year we go and get our pumpkins and enjoy a few hours there. Jaden gets more and more into it! I have been going since before I was pregnant with him! Friday is also my dad's birthday!

Time to let the week begin! I will leave you with a few pictures of Minnie mom's brand new 2 lb teacup schnauzer :) She is the sweetest little thing ever!

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sherry said...

what a tiny little sweetie!!
Glad the police are going to watch that house. That is a diaster waiting to happen to some innocent bystander
Have fun in Flagstaff

Melissa said...

Glad to hear the police are gonna be monitoring!

Looks like you guys have quite the week ahead of you! Sounds like fun! Have fun up North!


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