Thursday, October 23, 2008

How 'bout them apples?

I know I know. My second post in one day about apples. But thats because they offered them here after all! I get my 38 pound box Saturday morning!

Also, it looks like Blogger changed the comments option on my blog. I think its Blogger because I didnt touch anything. Just a new way of leaving a comment. I had questions and I came and left myself one. Just click on comments and you can leave it there :) Hope that helps! Pin It


LucieP said...'s apple and pumpkin season! I have already gone through my first container of pumpkin ice cream....
and tonight I am planning on making a new recipe for apple dumplings I found here:

Tina Wishart said...

That is so weird....this morning the comment section looked totally different and wouldn't let me leave a comment.??? Oh well
I wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your layout. You should make it into your Christmas cards. :)

sherry said...

Have fun with those apples!!! What did blogger do with the comments section?? I had trouble with mine yesterday too. Have a great apple day


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