Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday's Madness

Thoughts on this Monday morning.

I was disappointed to learn this morning after making it to the next round of SYTYCS, the contest was canceled. Its a bummer because those that played fair have to be punished because some people weren't playing fair.

I canned apple sauce, apple pie filling and apple butter this weekend. I got a lot from the batch! I have 5 apples left that the boys and I are going to caramel. My house smelled so fallish this weekend with all the spices simmering! I made apple pancakes this morning with the apple pie filling on top. It was really good!

Jackson is my little terror right now. This morning he has wreaked havoc all over the house including breaking Micah's glasses, slamming doors, fighting with his brother, and generally just getting into trouble. I love this age (huge amounts of sarcasm here.) I love him...just not the attitude :) And people that know him know that this isnt normal for him.

Jaden is losing his voice and squeaking when he talks. Its pretty cute. ....and pathetic.

I have a couple of boutiques coming up that I am participating in that I need to stock up for. I am hoping they both go pretty well. (Of course I am hoping for that, why would I participate if I didnt? What a silly thing to say.)

Last week the yard work didnt get done, the kitchen chairs werent finished and my closet is still a mess. I am a complete "To Do List Maker" failure. (I don't really think that.)

And here's the question of the day. Tell me if this is just me or not. When the kids fight, it makes me so mad. Why does it make me mad? Does this bother anyone else who has more than one child? Or is it just me here? I remember growing up how mad my parents would get if my siblings and I would fight, so I don't *think* I am alone on this. I used to look at them like "Why do you care if we fight?" Well. Now I know. They are best friends for the most part but they have their moments.

Ok, Micah is home from basketball. Time to "break" the news about his glasses. Pin It


sherry said...

Well you are just having a wonderful Monday. It has to get better right???
My sister and I fought all the time and now we are so close. It does really get better

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, you make me laugh! I have been dying to try some your apple preserves since last night. It was hard no to go home and eat them all up, but i had already eaten too many sweets for the day. I decided to be strong and wait to have this morning with toast. Anyway before i went to work (in a rush) I pulled my toast but then i couldn't open the jar! huh, i was this close to waking up Will but he would not have been happy. Anyway, i cant wait to get home and try some. Thanks for sharing with me, I'm sure it will be good.

Sara said...


I wish I had half your energy and motivation!! Ugh, I hardly get my laundry done and you're canning your own homemade applesauce! I need to know your secret!!

p.s. My sisters and I fought like cats and dogs. We're better now. Mainly because I live 6,000 miles away.

Brittney said...

i get what your saying about fighting. my parents were the same as yours. they would get so upset and angry when we'd fight and always made up make up by hugging and spending time doing something together. so i get what your saying. were still pretty close now but still fight hahah and she still makes us hug at the end of it all. lol. it will get better its a sibling thing :) stay strong :)


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