Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a beautiful day!

A great day that preludes this weekend and the next week!
  • I woke up this morning and found out I won a prize just for following YMBD's blog! Very randomly unexpected and exciting!
  • And I woke up to find a tracking number to my camera that will be here TOMORROW
  • I got to sleep in until 9 o clock! It is 9:30 and the boys are still asleep!
  • I made lemon bars from scratch on Monday and I am going to enjoy one this morning for breakfast. So bad but soooo good. I will post a recipe later. Fresh squeezed lemons and lots of sugar.
  • Today is house cleaning day but I think I will make sure that I get crafty just because I am in a FABULOUS mood!

Now if this sore throat that I have had for a week will go away.

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sherry said...

So glad your camera will be back in time for your trip. Have a great time in California

Melissa said...

It's always nice to wake up feeling fabulous! :) How cool that you won something AND your camera will be back in time for you to go out of town!!!! That is FABULOUS!! Hope your day continues to be great! :)


LucieP said...

Aw I love these kind of great days!

I hope you enjoy it and continue on!

Michelle Devine said...

YIPEE!! Im jumping for joy for you. Today is a good day. Lets keep that good streak going thru the weekend;)


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