Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crazy Man with a Tennis Ball and a Little Girl.

This evening as I was driving through my neighborhood, a man threw a tennis ball at my car.

Yes. A Tennis Ball.

At first I was like, "Is this guy crazy?!" So I stopped the car to see what was going on. I saw him throw it deliberately at me. I knew that something weird was going on.

So as I sat there completely confused and trying to figure out what the deal was, the man starts cursing me out and told me to slow down.

I was not speeding nor did I deserve to be cussed out and threatened with tennis balls thrown at my car. And if I was speeding, how did I stop the car that fast in that spot? And I was about to turn a corner too. Come on now. There were no skid marks, no tires screeching. Nothing to indicate that I was speeding. I know I wasn't speeding. Nothing makes me more mad than cars flying through the neighborhood.

So I did what any stupid person would do in my situation. I rolled down my window and I asked him to stop throwing balls at my car. I also told him to not cuss at me and that I wasn't speeding. (because you know, rational thinking would work here on this crazy lunatic.) I was calm. I wasn't screaming at him or anything. After all, he was doing enough for the both of us. He just kept yelling at me hatefully and obscenely. To avoid anything else from happening, I drove away.(Micah was on the phone at the time and told me to roll up my window and get out of there.)

I honestly think this guy could have hurt me and would have if I had stayed. As he was screaming horrible vulgarities no one (especially his 3 year old daughter ON HIS HIP AT THE TIME) should hear, he started walking to his truck like he was going to get something.

Way to set a fine example for your kid, dude.

I felt extremely threatened and unsafe.

When I arrived at my parents house (who live in the same neighborhood) I found out that this is not the first time he has done this, and it was also at a car not speeding. It was at my mom's friend's car. And my sister also knew exactly what guy I was talking about.

If he had done damage to me or my car, it could have been a lot worse. He is a loose canon that can blow at anytime, and I not only feel unsafe but this also affects my two children who were down the street 4 houses down playing outside at the time.

So... I emailed the police tonight after being out and away from the situation for a few hours. I just couldn't shake it. He had me so upset. Crying and shaking and being terrified for something I didn't do. And even if I was speeding, that is NOT the way to handle it. What a bully! Even if they dont respond, if something happens in the future to someone, they have my complaint on record. I hope it can stop someone else from being abused like this.

I am so glad he is raising children so that they can see how a "real man" acts. Riiight.

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mommyof5 said...

That is crazy!! I didn't know you blogged. I have so much fun doing it. I don't get to scrapbook right now so it is my "fix" LOL
I like your blog.

Tina Wishart said...

That is insane. Things like that can really rattle you. You did the right thing. And hopefully if it happens again at least you took a stand against his actions and it is on record.

Swasey family said...

That makes me crazy..I have had a few diffrent circumstances with people acting RUDE about things like that too, and I just wanna know were they think they can treat people like this ans say things rude like that!!Rude people make me CRAZY!!!!

Julie said...

Crazy people out there I know! I've had some situations that happened to! And you can bet I opened my mouth too!! Hopefully, they can get this guy sooner than later!

How did last wkend go?

Melissa said...

That dude is a dumb dumb. Good call on letting the police know!

Diana said...

That's so scary! I hope you never see him again!


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