Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birth Announcement

Now that most of the birth announcements have been sent out (I still have a stack here needing to be sent along), I thought I would share Ellie Bean's here. 

I don't do a lot of digital type stuff, but I am finding myself doing it more and more. This was Jackson's birth announcement (I was too lazy to scan it, so I took a picture of it in his baby book)

Both of these digital layouts weren't completely original, but we were inspired and tweaked and played until we got our own results. 

And to be fair, here was Jaden's birth announcement. This was when I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and while I still enjoy paper crafts, I remember this being a LOT of work! (We added a picture in the envelope when we sent them out)

It was a "waterfall" card, so you pull the tab open and its three steps...


second step

final step ( it has gotten a bit mucked up over the past few years of little guys looking at it)

Just thought I'd share :)
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Melissa said...

Those are adorable. I like her picture. DId you do them yourself?

devonaz said...

We got ours,,thank you very much and now she is on our fridge so we can see her cutest everyday..enjoy your baby girl,,they are alot of fun..

Sparklinbecks said...

Thanks guys! Glad you got it Devon!

Melissa, I did do the picture myself. She is a good model :) Congrats on your baby girl on the way!

Amandaxo said...

They're gorgeous!! As always ;-)

Julie said...

Gorgeous birth announcement!

Twitter: JewlznAZ

Anonymous said...

How do you make the pull tabs


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