Sunday, January 17, 2010

Make Your Own Flower Clips

If you or someone you love enjoy flower hair clips, then this is your week! Michaels has a lot of their spring flowers in stock now and on sale!  And double score if there is a Sally's next door! 

This post is mainly just to give a heads up about their great sale this week. The gerber daisies are all on sale for 99 cents a piece (and we found some cute ones in a different section for 50 cents a piece)

To make these flowers, there are many tutorials online. I will give a quick over view.

Take your flower with its stem and cut the stem off. Take it completely apart and then hotglue the center and the flower petals back together. 

Line a hair clip with ribbon using hot glue and add a no slip grip to it for fine hair. I used grosgrain and tried to match it up to the flower.  The clips can be purchased for 5-6 dollars for a box of 100 at Sally's beauty supplies or check ebay for the same type of deal. My sister lined hers with green to make it like the flower stem. Too cute.

Now it can be added to pony tail holders, headbands, purses, clothes or just clip it alone in hair. Easy! 

(thank you olivia! ;))
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Olivia Faye said...

They're more fun to make if you eat cry baby cookies with them, too! :)

Diana said...

I Sean this and had that idea too! Thanks for tutorial....I've never made them from a stem before.
Speaking of sales, big lots has the trusty 3m tacky glue for $2, it looks like the smaller bottle but that's a great deal still!

Rose said...

I am amazed to see the flower clips. They looks awesome. Wish if you have shared the complete tutorial for creating it.

Love being Cre8ve said...

I love your blogs I am doing the creative but not as creative as you thank you for posting stuff I really do love your blogs:)


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