Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Live Laugh

Well, my sweet baby girl 1 month old today! What a joy she is to our family!

Recently, I have been dabbling more in digital scrapbooking. You may remember when I posted about how I was more of a paper scrapper than digital scrapper. I am starting to see a shift in this view. How nice is it that I dont have to leave the house to buy something I ran out of or dont have? No mess to clean up? I can scrap next to my husband while he is doing his own thing. Did I mention no mess to clean up? Its here waiting for me whenever I want to work on it!

So how excited was I to learn that a close friend of mine has started doing her own digital kits! Right now she is giving away a free mini kit for a limited time only!

I did this page during nap time today and the one above earlier this week. Love this kit because I can use it for baby girl, for the boys, for valentine's day coming up, or anything else fun! The colors are super versatile!

Still have a lot to learn with this new fun hobby, but it sure is fun! And stay tuned! I am wanting to do a lot more with this kit! 
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Julie said...

Love those baby pix & layouts!


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