Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ellie's New Toy

Ellie was really excited today when she found a new toy out in the mailbox. We came right in and checked it out.

Its a Tiny Love brand activity mat (I think Tiny Love makes some fun toys) and she really enjoyed her tummy time on it today! 

The pillow that she lays on is a lot bigger than the one we used for the boys so it seems a lot more comfortable for her.

and she recently has discovered that one of her favorite pasttimes is looking at herself in the mirror, so its nice that this mirror can be placed wherever baby prefers to look. 

As she gets bigger, I know the toys will be a bit more intriguing, but she already likes the crinkly noises that it makes. For now, its just great to help her neck muscles get stronger :)

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Leah said...

Hi there,

Your little girl is so cute.

I came across your blog while looking for craft and sewing ideas. You have an amazing talent!!! I love some of the things you have created. I am expecting my 2nd in March, a little boy. And I have a little girl. Anyway just wanted to pass along this craft/sewing idea... Reuseable Nursing Pads. I don't know if you have made these already but I thought I'd share the idea.

:) Leah

Olivia Faye said...

Ellie is a girl after my own heart- looking at herself in the mirror. She knows how to make a Ya Ya proud!


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