Thursday, January 14, 2010

"New" Crayons

One thing I am so tired of in this house is broke crayons. And once they are broken (usually by the little guy), no one will color with them. I try to explain that they still work, but they have nothing to do with them.

So tonight, I got creative. After my oldest got son angry at my middle child because he had the yellow  (apparently the only yellow not broken), I decided to do something about it. (and had them help me peel the crayons)

Remember when I made these? Well, I took a lego mold that I got for Christmas and did crayons in them. 
Poor Jackson keeps thinking they need to go into his drink because he has been getting lego ice in his cup, but otherwise they turned out really well. (Best part is, clean up of the mold is super easy)

You could do crayons in any shape mold! And now those broken crayons are fun once again!
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Kasie said...

Such a smart idea!

devonaz said...

You just amaze me,,,you are so talented,,and Justin says you need to open up your own photo business you are very talented with everything you touch,,great idea..

Shannon said...

Glad you like the mold!


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