Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making a dress from another dress (as a pattern)

Hey there! Hope everyone in blog land is doing well! 
I think things might be starting to settle down a bit around here. I am wanting to get into my scrapbooking, sewing, etc again. 

Its a slow start, but the other night I decided my baby girl needed some more purple in her life and had been saving this fabric for something special to use. I whipped it up in about 20 minutes using this dress that she had worn the day before.

When I sewed it, I did a velcro closure on top instead of snaps, and then added a flower to the bottom. Of course she needed a headband to go with it! 

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Melissa Tresler said...

Oh my gosh! So beautiful! You are so good!

Melissa said...

That is a really cute dress. We just found out on Monday we are having a girl. So excited to shop and sew new stuff for her!


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