Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bountiful Baskets

This morning, bright and early (for me and the boys), I loaded up the kids in the bike trailer and rode down to the park to pick up our very first bountiful basket order! And I can not wait to do this again in two weeks!

What is Bountiful Baskets? How did I hear about this? You got all of that for how much?! (those were all the questions I was asked when I showed it all to my parents afterwards)

Bountiful Baskets is a co-op program you can learn more about here. The first time purchase is slightly more than repeat customers, but it was still a great deal! Pick up locations are all over the area, and I just so happened to have one a block away from my house! Everyone was friendly, and even though it was running an hour late and i had to bring the kids back, I plan on doing it every two weeks when it is offered. And its not just fruits and veggies. They also have other offerings at different times!

I heard about this from my friend Trisha who highly recommended it, and now I am recommending it too! Try it! Even if its only once, it will be fun to see what you will get, what you can cook differently, how much of it is stuff you normally already buy, etc.

Also, I just so happened to have my produce bags that I made with me (which was an accident as I brought big bags to take the produce home in and found them in there when I arrived), so I was able to sort it all out as I packed it up. I was there maybe 3 minutes tops. Quick and painless. And everything will be eaten as it was all stuff I normally buy or use!

Here is what we received this time:

Basket of Cherry Tomatoes
Red Potatoes
Bag of Baby Carrots
4 Green Peppers

7 Bananas
LOTS of plums
LOTS of pears
3 mangoes
bag of grapes

AND!! The autism raffle ends today, make sure you stop by Just Devine for a chance to enter!! Pin It


sherry said...

what a great haul you made. I have been wanting to try this too. But hadn't signed up. The one I was looking at delivered to your door at 0700 on Thursdays so it was difficult timing. yum looks good enjoy all that fresh produce

Tawn said...

Well, It's Official- I simply MUST try this!

Julie said...

Don't you LOVE this? We do this too! I found out about thru a friend a while ago! It forces you to cook stuff you would never even think of trying! Did you get the emails w/all the recipes??


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