Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cookies and Painting!

On our little sick/off day today, I thought I would entertain the boys with a baking/painting session. Jaden has seemed a little down the past couple of days and this seemed to perk him right up! First we made cookies....Jaden did a great job on sprinkles duty!

Awhile back I posted about hands on canvas. I can not find the post, but we modified and did something similar today. I bought the canvases for a two pack for 2 dollars at Target and repainted them so that they were blank. Then the boys added their handprints and we put them up in their rooms! Jaden wanted their hands to have white paint like white ice cream.

Over the paint.

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Danibee said...

LOVE the handprints! We did the same thing at our house. I think I got the idea off your blog.

Diana said...

I want to do this! If I go anywhere with canvas this week, I'm doing it! Thanks for the tip! :D

Rebecca Tresler said...

cool! I love bouncing ideas off each other!

try bright color combos. if i was choosing the colors, i would have done orange on green, yellow on blue, etc :)


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