Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goin' Campin'

for the rest of the week, so there won't be any new blog posts for a few days, but there are always old ones to check out! :) I figured I better scrapbook the last camping pictures before we go though.

Last night I watched a girly movie, scrapbooked and ate chocolate ice cream after the boys went to bed. Lots of bling, bright girly colors, and GLITTER! (and i used the flowers I crocheted the other day)

Time to go start baking for our trip! If I dont post any more today, I hope everyone has a great week! Pin It


sherry said...

Great layouts and I love your flowers. Have fun camping!!!

kim hesson said...

love your layouts!
i love camping to and haven't been in a loooooong time. actually years probably. have fun though!
does going to cali count as camping! :)

Julie said...

Hey lady! I picked the same bird paper for my DT about me page! (& I might add that you were w/me! It was at the DT mtg. I wanted to cut them out too! Ahh! Shall I pick another paper? Hm... Great LO's though! Always love your pages! Have fun!!

Rebecca Tresler said...

Julie, use it!! dont pick out a new one! I didnt even know you got that one, I saw someone using that paper at the all nighter crop and got it then. No one will even put the two pages together ;)

Amy O said...

Great pages! Love the "mama bird" title idea.
Have fun in the mountains, don't get eaten by a bear!

Michelle Devine said...

Remember your bug spray. LOVE the pages as usuall. When you get back we will have to get togather and create. And I still want to learn how to do those flowers;)


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