Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Trays

One of the things I was working on last month was some new trays. I made two Christmas trays and filled them with the epoxy like I did this one. You can use these for serving, or Christmas cards (or anything else you feel like using them for :))

Epoxy (resin, whatever you call it) is a beautiful thing, but it is also a very unpredictable medium--and very permanent! Once you pour it, thats it.

So, I was very disappointed when the epoxy seeped under the paper in both trays. I am thinking it also had something to do with the modge podge I used.

Materials used:

patterned paper
acrylic paint
modge podge

One was supposed to be gold. I dont know why the paint wasn't more metallic. Usually Making Memories metallic paint is great (I love the copper!) That same tray was also the worst one with seeping. That's a shame. Pin It


sherry said...

Cute trays Rebecca. I love the trees

The Porter Family said...

Hey there :) I found your blog through Shannons. I love those trays! They are super cute :)

devonaz said...

Oh my how cute are those,,,,you are so creative,,now if I can only find my creative juices,,,,


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