Monday, November 10, 2008

New Crayon Roll

Last week I made a bunch of these up for the boutique and Jaden wanted his out:
I guess the little gnomes came and got it because I can not find it anywhere, so I made him a special one. This one holds a box of 48 and opens flat next to his project and rolls up nicely to take along. If I did this size again, I would probably add two ties to it, but for this one, I think 1 will still work.
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sherry said...

too cute Rebecca and such a great idea. wish mine were small enough to have those for their crayons

LucieP said...

seriously so cute!! how?!

Olivia Faye said...

Ok. It's just not fair. You're so good at pretty much everything you do.

It's starting to get old.

kim hesson said...

oh my this is too funny! i just bought fabric to make these! they are so stinkin cute! i love how yours turned out! funny how much the kids love them!

Michelle Devine said...

Oh I want one!

Lisa said...

Any chance I can order one? I have been meaning to get one for Madi for a while. I think it'll make a good stocking stuffer! :) Let me know.


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