Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shhh! I have a secret to share!

Check out the link on the right.....something about an Etsy shop?

Ok here's the story.

Back in February, I had opened up an etsy shop called "Glitterbecks".....welllllll, I got too scared to post anything so I put it off. When I decided to dive in, I realized I needed to stop bouncing between names and stuck with Sparklinbecks. I set everything up and started out small.

Here we go! If there is something you want that you don't see or something different that you do see, let me know and we can talk! Just email me and i will get back to you! (Really, I will!) Pin It


Michelle Devine said...

looks great Rebecca

Stacey said...

Those aprons are great!!!

sherry said...

congrats on your new adventure

Sara said...

Bennet is going to LOVE his crayon roll!! It'll be in his stocking for christmas!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! I just checked it out and I love the ruffle aprons. :)

Sarah said...

Awesome, I love your frames and have mentioned them on my Twitter stream too! :)


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