Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stories in Hand

Yesterday began the Stories in Hand class taught by Jessica Sprague. I am super excited to begin this, but am kind of feeling overwhelmed? Anyone else taking this class feel like that? Maybe because there is a lot already going on inside and outside right now and I feel like I am "behind" because I haven't gotten to dive in yet. And its TWO weeks long!! How cool is that?

Either way, when I do get to begin it, I am excited to learn how to write my stories down and maybe I will share some as I go along :)
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sherry said...

I signed up and somewhat put my album together last night. I am so excited to be doing this. Did you know that we have access to it forever?? I read that somewhere. I have it printed out just not put together well. Like you I have swaps to complete, a trip to pack for and on and on but I am still so excited to be doing this. Good luck

kim hesson said...

yep this another project on my list of things to do! i haven't been able to pull away yet and start this one. I am definately anxious though! I just have to get a few other things done first. It will be fun to follow others stories!


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