Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You know how hard it is....

to not share here what I am making for Christmas gifts? Really hard!

I haven't done anything in a couple of weeks, but I have been doing a little here and there before and now its about time to get into the full swing. We would like to do all handmade for Christmas this year, but it will be "mostly" handmade instead.

I think this is a lot of people's theme this year, as the economy is struggling, and handmade just means more. I have also noticed that sometimes, it can be more expensive to make than to buy, so its not always the cheaper option, but it always means the most.

I will also be opening my etsy shop VERY soon (think in the upcoming week). This has been a long time coming. I started the shop back in February but have been too nervous about posting anything. I think its about time to go for it! Whats the worst that can happen, nothing sells? ok!

With the Holidays coming up, also consider having a family portrait or child(ren)'s portrait done. I do locations with natural light *that can include your home* and you receive the proofs on cd in addition to pictures digitally designed.

Catch ya on the flip side! I am off to take preschool portraits! ...only the cutest thing ever! Pin It


sherry said...

Good luck Rebecca with your Etsy and your photography. Let us know when your Etsy is up and running

Sara said...

Ooooh looking forward to the etsy shop!!

I was wondering, how did you get into photography? Your photos are so beautiful! I am so jealous of people who take such lovely shots!

Stephanie said...

Ok, so if your esty shop goes well, I might do the same. I'm making these super cute things for the fam. I was going to post them, but my sil got a facebook and now has a link to my blog, and i can't let her see what the nieces are getting!


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