Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Craft Space

A long long time ago, my husband and I each had our own room to do what we wanted with. I had a craft room and he had a music room. Then we had a sweet baby boy, and combined both of our rooms together. Then we had another sweet baby boy, and we both lost our room and moved our separate ways. He went to the garage and I took up the utility room.

Everything was ok. I worked out in the living room on the floor or in our bedroom on the floor. Sometimes the kitchen, but I like to keep the kitchen clean, so I am usually not in there too often..haha, even if that means cooking. Just jokin' :)

So a couple of weeks ago, I needed to get a scrapbook down from a shelf in the utility room, and when I took it off the shelf, the whole unit came down on top of me. I felt like a cartoon where you can see it coming but you are frozen in place!

We took everything ok and stored it all over our bedroom. For two weeks now, our bedroom was a catch all of mail, clothes, and randomness....and oh yeah, we would sleep there at night.

My brilliant amazing awesome husband had a brilliant idea to transform that crazy little utility room into a usable work room. We also had the house set up for a sink in there when we were building it, so he wanted to install that too.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea. I mean, a sink?! Thats valuable space I need in there! And work in there?! In a tiny room?

But then it started coming together and I couldnt be more happy with it! We spent way too much time at Home Depot over the last week, but we got it all set up yesterday!

I have a sink now! I can wash clothes and paint brushes in it! And when I am not using the sink, I have a workspace/desk!

Here's what it looks like now:

My new peg board! It was only 51 cents at Home Depot! I found it in the scrap pile. It was originally white with a green streak across. Nothing a little pink spray paint couldn't fix. Look at all the room I have left on it!

Here is the washer dryer set up. One side of the cabinets is laundry stuff, and the other side is craft. I bought photo boxes and spray painted them pink. Micah used the old shelves and moved them over the washer and dryer.

Craft side open: (That big crate is stampin up paper. its a beast. the bags on top is scrap fabric until i buy a couple more crates. There is a third one up there too you can't see from here)

punches, glitters, paints, watercolor pencils and crayons, etc.

Then I sewed simple little curtains. I am still going to add tie backs and applique on the curtains. Its Heidi Grace fabric, so I might add some birds on. I sewing the pink rick rack on the top and then used tension rods so that they can easily be removed.

New Sink! And great storage underneath still. Nothing is crammed and all is easily accessible.

The top part... I seriously can not believe how much room I still have. I would like to keep it this way though.

Then my work space. I have room to add hooks all the way up, but I might keep it bare for now. The pink compartment bin was spray painted after we got it from my father in law. And he was also so generous in giving us that smoke Plexiglas for the top of my "desk"! I added matching fabric to the button jars, and the lights came from my sister in law Shannon, when we traded the lights for crosses at our yard sale. I have been wanting to add them to the lights on our pot shelf, but I think this is a lot more practical!

So thats that! I am pretty excited about my small little corner in the house. Its just what I needed and I am so grateful that Micah did it for me. It took the shelves falling down and having to gut the room to realize that it was totally possible. *and you should have seen how much I got rid of!*

Speaking of my sweet husband, he woke up today with a kidney stone. After we took him to urgent care, we also found out he has bronchitis too. Its kind of a blessing (and he would even say this) that he got the kidney stone, otherwise he would have not gone to the dr about his chest congestion until it would have been even worse. He has had this cough for about three weeks now. He's finally getting some rest after not sleeping well for a few week. I don't know what he would do without pain killers right now. It's awful! Pin It


Melissa said...

Ok, that looks SO AWESOME! I wouldn't have thought it could be done, but with you and Micah anything is possible! :) How fun to have your very own little space! You needed it! Great job guys! Now I just hope Micah feels better, and quick!

Diana said...

LOVE the space! Isn't it nice to have a handy hubby?! Hope he feels better soon!

Michelle Devine said...

Nice. Does it feel so good?

The Porter Family said...

Wow. That looks great!!

Christmas Creations said...

I love your craft space! It looks great. I bet you are excited to use it. I hope Micah is feeling better.


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