Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thats a corny picture from last year :) Today we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on my side of the family at my parents' house. Micah has to work today so he will be taking his lunch break to eat with us.

Then tomorrow, we will be cooking Thanksgiving for his side of the family, right here in our home! Right now we dont have great grass in the backyard as it never got finished with winterizing, and our kitchen chairs are only half stained, but you know what? I am not going to stress it.

This is a time for our family to enjoy each other, not what the house looks like. And for that, I am thankful. I am thankful to have a house during these hard times of a tough economy. And I am thankful for my husband who works hard *even when he is sick and hurting* and my two sweet boys.

So what is on the menu for you? We are doing the traditional meals both days. Last night we had our annual Thanksgiving eve "feast" at my parents' house, where the rule is "Eat as much as you want and whatever you want, but don't complain about a stomach ache later". The boys were amazed and in awe of the table spread!

Enjoy eating a lot and whatever you do, DON'T read MSN's article about what a Thanksgiving meal does to your body. You don't want to know how many calories you are intaking and how much weight gain that entails. That way, while you are enjoying that very nonfattening meal, you will not feel guilty, because no one wants to have that on their concious! Pin It

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture of you! For some reason it reminds me of House Wives. lol! j.russell


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