Friday, May 6, 2011

15 dollar mirror transformation

Last week, I saw some really fun acid mirrors on UCreate that got my brain working to find a place to use a new mirror in our home.

Then I stumbled upon a 15 dollar mirror on clearance from 70.00 at Tuesday Morning and thought it would be perfect for the project! But then I couldn't really think of a place to put it so I left it and moved on.

Since we have been rearranging our daughter's room, my husband decided that the closet (which had mirror doors) should be more of a play area and took the mirror doors out. Hmm, that means there was no more mirrors in her room. Light bulb!

The next day, I rushed back over to Tuesday morning and made a beeline to the back of the store to see if they still had it. I was pretty excited about it and snatched it right up. Grabbed some spray paint on the way home and got to work. I decided to skip the acid mirror process because I wanted something a little more simpler in her room, but its definitely a possibility later on down the road.

Here's the before:

Hard to see here but besides it being completely disgusting and had stickers all over the glass part, there were knicks and scratches in the frame. I cleaned it up, then taped off for painting.

Did a couple of coats to get it nice and smooth.

Then hung it up. Easy way to update a mirror and make it to suit your needs.

And as for the's how it looks now. I got the fabric in the red tag which was an additional 50% off at JoAnn's. Bought 2 1/2 yards which made it 8 dollars. It has a pretty monotone striped design on it and its a nice weight. We put a spring rod inside the frame and then tied it back when we want it open. It really transformed the look of the whole room.

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Shannon said...

it looks great! Glad the mirror was still there! I love her room :)

Kelli Fisk said...

Looks beautiful! Funny about closet doors..Jay wants all of them off in this house but it scares me to have to keep everythign so orderly, lol!


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